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Fantasy Patterned Landscape

Watercolour & Pen drawing by Dee

Fantasy Patterned Landscape – the original drawing was done with watercolor paints and with black Pilot drawing pens (different nib sizes). Nature has always inspired me hence the floral theme, the patterns are drawn freehand, whatever comes to mind. The watercolors I used are Winsor and Newton Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine, & Marie’s Sap Green & 430 Violet.

The watercolors were laid down first, I painted freely, using Nature as my inspiration. Then I added the patterns in black pen, so freehand, no pencil sketches. Again using Nature and my love for Her for the patterns to take shape.

This image is going to be available soon, for digital download and your personal print. Details to follow.


Published by thepictperspective

Just two crazy sisters who decided to blog about the art, crafts and designs that they are passionate about, in the hopes that we can get other people to be just as passionate as we are.

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