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Fantasy Faces

Sea Nymph – Sealia

Drawing / Digital Art by Dee

Sea Nymph - Sealia - Drawing with watercolor pencils. Digital art is available on our website -
Sealia – Sea Nymph – Drawing by Dee

Fantasy Faces

This drawing / digital art is part of the fantasy drawings and paintings that I have done recently. I started this drawing last year sometime, but she took so long to finish. I kept going back to add more shades or highlights.

I initially sketched her using my daughter as inspiration but she evolved over time. Her beautiful jewel colors of the sea, shining through the darkness were dwelling in parts of my mind, Sealia Sea Nymph.

A snippet of the digital art.

Original drawing is done in BellColor watercolor pencils, Staedler triplus fineliners, and finished with my daughter’s glitter markers.

I have PDF downloads that will be available on our website. I also have sizes A4, A3 and A1, all in PDF, high resolution printable downloads. Requests can be made for – CYMK for prints and RGB for screen only.

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I’m not sure why our garden has suddenly received visits from species we normally don’t see, but I’m not complaining!

By: Priya_The_Pict
Hypolimnas Misippus Female
Hypolimnas Misippus Female

It started with a sighting of the male. He teased me with mere glimpses of his beautiful wings, until he finally gave in and allowed me to photograph him.

A natural Supermodel!
Posing for her admirer.

This little lady had no time to waste. She wanted her picture taken and posed effortlessly. She fluttered around for a little while, sadly when I offered her ride on my hand, she declined.

Now while this species of butterfly is apparently quite common in Africa, it’s the first time I have seen them in my garden. I love butterflies and moths. Their mystery is only surpassed by their beauty.

The Black Beauty
Male on Left / Female on Right

Dee and I have always drawn inspiraton from Nature and her beauty. Hopefully, these pictures can inspire others too!

Check out our website for more “Inspired” artwork and services: The Pict Perspective.


By: Priya_The_Pict

“Hypolimnas Misippus” or “Mimic butterfly”

I have been after this beautiful little guy for around two months now! I finally got blessed by his presence, on my Mom’s birthday too!

I started up my morning walks around the garden, again this year and I noticed this pretty black butterfly that would whiz passed my head and leave me with my mouth hanging open. It’s only shown itself to me around two or three time but I took notice.

“Are you getting my good side?!”

You see, in our garden, we get all manner of pretty fluttering beauties. Birds, bees and butterflies. Most butterflies that frequent our garden are lightly coloured, or very bright. The only other butterfly that looks black is actually a very dark brown colour with other colours edging it’s wings.

A, hopefully not so traumatised, Hypolimnas Misippus.

I took as many pictures as I could, until I couldn’t help myself, I lay my hand as close to the butterfly as possible to get it to climb on. Would you believe the little guy, gave my hand a good look and declined!? I am determined to become friends with this beauty! Wish me luck people!

Still Learning…

When you stop learning, that’s when you get old.

by: Priya_The_Pict

I named this one the "Bird-Horse Thingy". Very appropriate, I think.
A Bird-Horse Thingy

Just looking at this picture, fills me with some emotion. I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t think it’s pride…. Still for someone who drew crooked hearts and needs a ruler and a spirit level to draw a straight line, this wasn’t so bad.

As I try to draw more things, I find my weird coming out more often… Quite happy about that because lets face facts, weird makes waves. I’m still learning, and having loads of fun while I’m at it!

  • This is my Water Dragon/dinosaur. Still trying to decide what he is.
  • Curvy Veins
  • Happy now
  • Final image
  • Signed work
  • "Stop drawing mommy! Pay attention to me!"
  • So boring!
  • Mommy!

I just want to repeat myself from one of my previous blogs, if you want to start a new hobby, or start developing a long hidden talent, or even just get back into something you love:

DO IT. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission, give yourself that permission. It’s your life, you only get the one, and you should spend it enjoying every last drop that you can wring out of it!!

Drawings & Paintings

The Sacred Lotus

By Dee

The Sacred Lotus painting - watercolor background with a black ink pen pattern on the inside of the lotus.
The Sacred Lotus

The Sacred Lotus painting has a watercolor background with a black ink pen pattern inside. I used 3 different colors in the background.

The patterns, I have drawn something similar before. In the Fantasy Patterned landscape artwork.

Nelumbo Nucifera, also known as the Sacred lotus, Lakmi lotus, Indian lotus or most commonly as the water lily. (Wikipedia)

I like to call it The Sacred Lotus, it has an eternal beauty. You can depict it so many different ways. The lotus flower symbolizes a spiritual awakening, purity, or rebirth. And it varies between different cultures and religions.

No matter what you call it, it will always be something truly beautiful, floating above the water like a gift from the Gods.

Visit our website for more artworks

The Pict Perspective


by: Priya_The_Pict

Dragons have always fascinated the women of The Pict Perspective. Probably because we both have fire inside?!
This is my very first hand-drawn Dragon!

Giant four-legged reptiles, intelligent & crafty, some with wings and some without, some breathe fire and some are water dwellers. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you truly believe, or even what lies you tell yourself. Somewhere in your childhood, you either slayed a dragon, were the dragon or searched for the dragon.

Dee and I have always loved dragons, it goes back to our childhood days and the fascination we had (have) with fantasy stories that included saving someone or being saved from (by) a dragon. We both loved the Chinese artworks that depicted dragons. Then we discovered that dragons were also depicted in Irish and Gaelic mythology. Yeah, we got captured by the awesome power that is dragons, and we’re still being held captive.

Recently, I’ve had dragons on the brain. For a couple of months now a saying floated around in my mind. I’ve searched it out on Google and the closest I got was an answer on Quora that referenced the Game of Thrones line that might have been taken from an old Russian proverb, or an even older Roman anecdote. Truth be told, I don’t really care where it comes from. I just know that I am adopting it as my new mantra. I will keep looking forward, striving to improve myself and my art, taking in only that constructive criticism that is offered with goodwill. I’m done being a sheep, I’m waking up the Dragon inside!

Dragons do not concern themselves with the opinions of ants.

Author Unknown

Disclaimer: I have not watched Game of Thrones, nor have I read the books. I truly do not know why those words have played in my mind for so long, but I have used them. Like I said, I have adopted it as my mantra.

Disclaimer: I have tagged “LGBTQ+areDragonsinDisguise”, and there is a reason for that. I am a proud supporter of this very beautiful community. I do not know if this hashtags is suitable for the community, I believe it is. This is my opinion, please behave like an adult.


The Humming Bird

By Dee

A psychedelic graphic of a Hummingbird, basking in the sun.
The Humming Bird

A psychedelic graphic of a Hummingbird basking in the sun.

I’m trying new styles and designs. Hopefully it works out, and if it doesn’t, oh well. I will just try again.

Do you see the marigold?

If you like this design and want something similar, let me know.

The Pict Perspective

Love Nature

Find your Beauty… Find Nature

By Dee

Find your Beauty. "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincent Van Gogh. Graphic by Dee
Quote by Vincent Van Gogh, graphic by Dee

“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere!” – Vincent Van Gogh

It’s a beautiful quote, considering it came from an artist that suffered tremendously from depression. He suffered, yet left behind such amazing, wonderful works of art.

Most of which is in a special museum in Amsterdam, (more than 200 paintings and 600 drawings). He became an artist later in life, and only after his death, in 1890 (he was 37), did he gain fame through his artworks. Sourced from “Dictionary of Art and Artists – Peter and Linda Murray. Penguin Reference.

I’m sure Van Gogh tried so hard to overcome his mental illness. Although not knowing what was troubling him, his feelings & emotions came out in his artworks. It gives us an enormous amount of pleasure & a sense of peace, but in an era that couldn’t diagnose an illness like depression, it would have been a heavy burden to carry. I too, use my drawings and paintings to escape, to dream… To find my sense of wellbeing.

To find my true self.

There is plenty of beauty out there, all around us, we just have to open our eyes (Figuratively) & love nature. We need the earth; soil; plants; insects & animals. We need it to survive, to live. Depression is a truly, terrible illness and we should use the natural world around us to ease the burden, even if it’s just for a little while.

The Pict Perspective

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The Painted Ones

Empowered, Bold & Beautiful Women.

By: Dee & Priya

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Disclaimer: Please note that if the free download does not appeal to you, we will charge to design something just for you.

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Starting over

By: Priya

Sadly this artwork was crossed out...
Hand-drawn Cross.

Starting over has to be one of those things that can absolutely drive you crazy. After which, you have to start over. Again…

I was so happy with the above image. I had drawn the cross on paper, sketched out a tree that I wanted to incorporate into that, on a separate page and had gone far enough that it was almost completed.

Painted and ready for some planting.
Almost done, just need to plant a tree!
Tree was planted, along with a beautiful message. Until my OCD brain noticed some issues and erased the whole thing!
Done & Dusted. Or so I thought!

If you look closely, I even signed the piece! Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with it. The minute I turned it over and fitted the frame to it, I realised that I had misjudged the edges (by misjudge, I mean forgot completely!).

I tried to salvage it. I really did, but as I was trying, my eyes began to notice every little discrepancy. Every crooked line, or shaky application of paint. Every branch in the tree that could have looked a little more realistic, or the colour that could have been blended in differently. My crazy, slightly OCD self just had to scrap the entire thing!

New project, wish me luck on my first ever Dragon!
My first ever Dragon!

Above is the image that I’m going to try next. Wish me luck!

It is my very first Dragon ever! If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll have realised that Dee is one who can draw and paint. My first tree was for the wedding boards I did in November last year. I’ve drawn spirals and certain pictograms, but I never really tried my hand at an actual drawing. This dragon harkens back to my spirals, but he’s definitely a character with attitude.

My artwork is more crafty, but who says you can’t branch out now and again (see what I did there)? I’ve always thought my hand wouldn’t be able to translate what my mind’s eye sees. But recently, I’ve found that my hand and mind seem to be communicating more (that sounds dirty…), I’ve found myself literally itching to grab a pencil and put to paper what I see in my mind.

You know I'm going to add my opinion to this painting. Stay Tuned for the final product!
The Dragon’s ready to be brought to life. You know I have something to add to that!! Stay Tuned!

So, you want to start something new? Try your hand at a new interest, or develop a long ignored interest/talent? Go for it! Don’t wait, and definitely don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, because You Can and You Should. Unless it’s illegal, in which case, don’t!

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